The Dairy of Anne Frank

The Diary of Anne Frank Cast List

Anne Frank
Gabriela Fanucchi

Otto Frank
Mikey Takla

Edith Frank
Maggie Eichler

Margot Frank
Natalie Friscia

Alex O’toole

Ian Tighe

Mrs. Van Daan
Claire Rose Vincenzi

Mr. Van Daan
Gabriel Rodriguez

Mr. Dussel
Nate Zaslove

Mr. Kraler
Connor McGuigan

Robert Letters

Dutch Minister
Cat Bigelow

BBC Radio Europe Announcer
Christina Won Pat

Reese Parker
Liana Mier

Various Radio Announcers/Historical Figures
Obi Obodozie
Robert Bog
Sloan Varunok
Adam Mansell
Anthony Levaggi

Anthony Levaggi
Michelle Curran
Madeleine Rozansky
Keira Cruickshank
Cailyn Olson
Tommy Tolod
Gabrielle Zaslove
Kevin Joyner
Daniel Schuette
Adam Mansell
Obi Obodozie
Robert Bog
Sloan Varunok

Thank you to all who auditioned. We were very impressed with the talent
this year and wish we could cast everyone. Please keep working on your
talent and try again! We would love to have you join us at Stage Crew,
which will take place on Sundays from 10AM to 6PM in the Gellert
Auditorium at Serra High School.

Once you view the cast list, please email Allie Glatt at
to accept your role. Please watch for an email from Allie, the production
manager, with information for the mandatory parent meeting and first
read through scheduled for Tuesday, September 2nd at 6PM. We look
forward to a working with you!